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Life Lessons you can learn from Surfing


Surfing is more then riding a wave, there are a several life lessons you can learn from surfing. I will tell 5 life lessons you can learn from surfing.


1. Don't worry Worrying is a waste of your time. You are thinking of something you do not want to happen, what is quite ironic.

It is easy to think of things you do not want to happen. When you are surfing you can worry about the rip currents, all the people around you, etc. But the worrying won't save you from anything. The similar thing works for life. Worrying about possibly bad things that could happen (accidents, betrayal) won't prevent it from happening. You shouldn't be careless and unaware, be clever and take action if this is needed, but until that, enjoy everything around you.

2. Celebrate every victory

Surfing is a sport that requires a lot of effort and time. You won't be a pro in surfing after your first week, probably not even in your first year, but you should enjoy your process. From standing up on your board to making an amazing maneuver. Life is just like that, we are so focused on the final result that we often ignore the small victories we make.


3. It is a big, big world

The ocean, same as the world we live in, is a huge place. When you are in the water on your board with an endless view of water in every way, it can remind you of how small you are. It is necessary to keep things in perspective. It easy to get stressed out in our little bubble that is self-focused. For some people, their 'bubble' doesn't go further than their smartphone, social life, job and home. If you get upset about little things in life, like losing your smartphone or gaining some pounds, it's time to expand your bubble.

When you keep things in perspective and remember how much more there is to explore, you are winning. Explore, be curious, smile to strangers and get to know people.


4. Go with the flow Be flexible. Plans change most of the time, things don't go how you would have thought and there are surprises where you least expect them. If you can learn how to be flexible and go with the flow, things usually work out in the end. This applies to surf as well. When the waves get choppy, the only way to keep balance is to go with the flow, literally.

Whenever life takes an unexpected turn, be flexible and go with the flow :)

5. Don't stop dreaming

Everyone has ideas, dreams and goals, but there are only a few people who would actually take action and will do everything to accomplish them. Thinking wont you get any further, you have to work towards your dreams. You don't have to do everything perfect, all that matters is that you are doing something, anything to get you closer to your dream. No matter what could happen, point your surfboard to the shore and just keep paddling until all your dreams come true.


These are some of the life lessons you can learn from surfing! Enjoy your surf and make your dreams come true :)

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