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Surf lessons Auckland, One on One or Group lesson?


A lot of people often get a little confused and are unsure about taking a one on one surf lesson or a group surf lesson. There isn't much of a difference between the two options you are thinking of. The surf school will give you the same information in the one on one surf lesson as they will in the group lesson. The big difference between the two surf lessons is the ratio between the students and the instructor. The ratio at Elements Surf is small compared to other Surf Schools in New Zealand. We have a maximum of 6 students per instructor but ideally we would have 4/5 students per instructor to make sure everyone will get the attention they need.

Surfing at Piha, Students

One on One surf lessons

Like any other private lesson, an One on One surf lesson will provide you with the full attention of the surf instructor. If you have no previous experience the One on One surf lesson is a great option for you, the instructor is fully focused on you and your process during the surf lesson. It is also a great option for students in their beginners stage, they can perfect their techniques and learn new surfing maneuvers. An One on One surf lesson helps you with your own progress.

Group Surf Lesson

A group surf lesson is the most chosen option, because you can experience surfing while being with your friends and/ or family at the same time. It is also great for individuals who would like to meet new people while they are learning a new sport. It is important to check the ratio between the students and the instructor of the surf school. The International Surfing Association requires a maximum ratio of 8 students and 1 instructor. As I mentioned before, at Elements Surf the ratio is 6 students and 1 instructor. We like to keep the group small so every student will have the help and attention they deserve.

I hope this information has helped you with deciding for what kind of surf lesson you would like to attend. Enjoy your surf lesson :)

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