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Learn to surf in the region of Auckland! The 3 best locations

Hi! Welcome to Auckland! There are a lot of things to do in the city, but why not explore the surroundings?! Are you keen to learn a new sport or would you like to explore the New Zealand surf spots? Below you will find some information about the 3 best surf spots near Auckland :)

Surfers on the beach

1. Piha Beach

Piha is New Zealand's most famous surf beach. It is located on the West Coast and it is only a 50 minutes drive from Auckland CBD. It is well-known of its black sand beach and the Lion Rock that divides the beach, forming North and South Piha.

In summer there are a lot of lifeguards, who are making sure that everyone is safe in the water. Piha has an arrange of waves, they are good for surfers of all levels. At North Piha you often can find good surf, while there are peaks breaking on both sides of the famous Lion Rock, that can help you with paddling out. South Piha is great for beginners, the waves are calmer over there. North Piha is more suitable for intermediate to advanced. It is an amazing spot to learn to surf!


Lion Rock, Auckland, Surf, Piha

2. Muriwai Beach

Muriwai is just 30 minutes away from Auckland City. The beach, has a stretch of 60km. Enjoy the beauty of Muriwai's rugged landscape or have a short track that leads you to a stunning scenery just right above the main colony of the gannets. There are around 1,200 pairs of gannets nest in Muriwai from August to March each year.

Muriwai offers several peaks down to the beach, with a lot of left and right-peaks. But be informed, there are frequently risky currents and rips on this break, so the beach is probably more suited to the professional surfers and don't forget to check the safe spots before you will head out.

3. Te Arai Beach

Te Arai is located on the East Coast of New Zealand. Despite being 100km away from Auckland it is well worth the drive. It is less crowded than the other beach near Te Arai, Mangawhai.

The beach is suitable for all kind of surfers, so it doesn't matter what your level is, you can surf here anyway! There are various peaks to choose from along the beach, there are right and left-handers. Some people have described the beach as a swell magnet, the waves are powerful and hollow.



You are set to explore and start your surfing adventure! Don't forget to pack everything you need, sunblock is important! And tell someone where you are going!

Hope this information has helped you! Enjoy New Zealand and have fun surfing! :)

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